Our Mission

Our passion lies in enhancing the quality of life and achieving each individual’s highest potential by promoting a healthy lifestyle, encouraging physical and mental fitness and by providing the knowledge necessary to achieve the goal of optimum health and wellness for all.



Founded by licensed Kinesiologist, Exercise Physiologist and Sports Injury Management Specialist Alfred Medina, the Sports & Lifestyle Clinic is considered one of South Florida's premiere soft tissue treatment practices.

SLC provides rehab, conditioning, toning and sculpting, strengthening and nutritional counseling to patients of all ages, treating all parts of the body in a holistic setting. Alfred also uses his own trademarked SLC Rapid Release Technique, which targets pain at the source, releasing scar tissue, toxins, restrictions and entrapments that are deep within the tissue to rapidly reduce pain and inflammation. 

Alfred learned the benefits of soft tissue hands on therapy first-hand after being injured in a life-altering car accident which left him completely paralyzed on his left side. Conventional Western medicine practitioners wanted to take a drastic approach, but through research and hands-on muscle manipulation of his own body, he was able to reach deeper into the pressure points, tapping into his sensory nerves and waking up his paralysis, resulting in a miraculous recovery. Alfred wanted to share his own experience with others and pursued his post-graduate studies in Exercise Physiology at Boston University, before opening the Sports and Lifestyle Clinic over 30 years ago.

From the novice gym-goer to the crossfit champion, SLC works with patients of all skill and activity levels to achieve major transformations, improving their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Alfred also opened the SLC School of Rapid Release and conducts health and fitness seminars for healthcare providers, patients and the community at large. SLC also books bodywork and Executive Fitness packages and training for corporations. Special events are coordinated throughout the South Florida community and at venues worldwide.

In 2014, Alfred created his own herbal proprietary blend, SLC Optimum Health. The supplement promotes joint and soft tissue support, designed to reduce inflammation and pain to aid in the healing process. Learn more about the supplement here.