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A healthy alternative to traditional anti-inflammatory medications.
— Diana F.

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with cervical stenosis. I sought treatment from 27 different health care providers which included Orthopedists, Neurologists, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, and Massage Therapists, all to no avail. None were able to alleviate my pain. Six years ago, following a recommendation of a friend, I went to seeAlfred Medina. Finally I was able to get the relief I had been seeking! What makes him so unique is his in depth understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, with all of the body’s complex integrative and overlapping systems. It’s as if he can see your body in 3D. His approach is methodical, using different types of soft tissues therapies, one of which includes his own patented Rapid Release Technique. Because of his Mastery, I am able to enjoy an active life style again, for which I will be eternally grateful.

I was looking for a natural way to alleviate the discomfort. I am now able to move with ease.
— Marcia B.
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I was having muscle tightness, stiffness and intermittent pain on both sides of my lower back for several years. After resorting to a series of non-steroidal injections into my L4 L5 lumbar vertebrae, I was looking for a natural way to alleviate the discomfort, keeping in line with my holistic beliefs. When I exercised or sat for long periods of time, the discomfort was aggravated. When Alfred Medina, Sports and Lifestyle Clinic Owner and Creator of SLC Optimum Health told me about the benefits I would derive from taking the supplement, I bought a bottle and within two weeks time I was pain free! Much to my amazement and satisfaction I am able to move with ease and my back has loosened up to the point where I am taking my fitness routine to the next level! I can honestly say, without hesitation, that SLC Optimum Health lives up to the claim that it will provide joint and soft tissue support , in a 100% natural formulation. I endorse the SLC Optimum Health dietary supplement and already have spread the word to my family and friends, and they are having great results!

When I first started seeing Alfred I could barely walk around the block due to muscle tightness, back and foot pain and bursitis in both hips. I also was overweight and completely out of shape. My orthopedist recommended physical therapy.

I have benefited tremendously from Alfred’s one of a kind, specialized treatment and training. I am not only walking 3 miles a day but I have participated in 5K Run/Walks, boxing and am an avid proponent of a healthy lifestyle. Alfred has given me expert advice as far as the proper diet , the SLC Optimum Health supplement and has set up a personalized training program for me. He inspired and challenged me to reach my personal best. Under his guidance and direction along with the supplement, I became physically stronger and my overall health improved. I have not found his level of dedication and talent any place else.! He has changed my life forever! Alfred works “magic”. 

I have noticed marked improvement in my flexibility. I am happy with the freedom of motion I am experiencing.
— Ana M.

Thank you SLC for developing a truly effective supplement for soft tissue inflammation and joint pain.  For years I have had chronic lower back pain and tightness. Even after resorting to spinal injections, the discomfort, while reduced, persisted. Recently I also developed knee pain. A little over 30 days ago, Alfred Medina, president of Sports and Lifestyle Clinic introduced meto his natural supplement, SLC Optimum Health.

To date, I have noticed marked improvement in my flexibility while getting out of bed in the mornings and improved range of motion while exercising. Additionally, I have resumed my daily walks with little discomfort to my knee. I have started on my second bottle and am so happy with the freedom of motion I am experiencing.

SLC Optimum Health has eliminated my need to take synthetic remedies and is a wonderful compliment to my holistic healthcare regimen.  Congratulations and best wishes always, Alfred, on taking the bold step of creating this effective supplement and for always having your patients best interest at heart.  I am happy to recommend this product. 

I had relief in a few short days.
— Andi F.


Alfred has been my rehab savior for my total left shoulder replacement. When his  supplements were available I couldn’t wait to try them and I wasn’t disappointed.
I had to stop them for a week, for medical reasons, and my shoulder started to bother  me in a few short days. When I started them again, I had relief, also, in a few short days. I always make sure I have an extra bottle on hand and my husband takes them, also. 

I have more energy, flexibility, and strength during my workouts and I am pain free.
— Eli F.

Heretofore, I was taking the very popular Cosamin DS for joint pain and other orthopedic issues for several years. I stopped taking Cosamin following aortic valve surgery and an ablation for A FIB.

Once those conditions were successfully treated, I was told that I should discontinue taking the Cosamin DS as there is a chance that it might affect the anticoagulants in the blood (note, I had just discontinued taking Xeralto as a blood thinner for a post surgical A Fib), and had a history of a having low platelet count(ITP).

At the same time, my wife and I were being treated and rehabbed by Alfred Medina for various arthritic, post surgical, and other orthopedic issues. Mr.Medina introduced us to the SLC compound last year. 

I am a 73 year old male, with a very active life style.
I am a 25 year member of LA Fitness and have used trainers off and on for over 30 years.
I do a cardio workout followed by weight and a machine regimen 3-4 times a week.
Over the years I have had a partial tear of the rotator cuff, a broken thumb from flag football in college, and onset of arthritis and narrowing in my L-4 and L-5 vertebras…..all giving me joint and soft tissue pain and discomfort.

Following the first 6 month of taking the SLC supplements, I have had none of these issues.
I have more energy, flexibility, and strength during my workouts and am pain free!!

Kudos to SLC and Mr. Medina

I truly feel and look better than I ever have in my whole life.
— Dora R.

I was referred to Alfred Medina by a friend following a very painful back injury. Prior to being treated by Alfred, I was in and out of rehab for various injuries. I am a very active and fairly slim woman, but it seemed that every time I would try to getback to an exercise regiment, I would get injured and end up back in rehab. With Alfred, everything changed. Alfred has not only rehabbed my various injuries, but he has also trained me to be in the best shape both fitness wise and strength wise that I have ever been, all while avoiding any new injuries. I truly both feel and look better than I ever have in my life. As an added bonus, I lost over 2 inches in my waist and 3 inches in my hips, all while gaining muscle mass and tightening my core. Unlike most physical therapists, Alfred treats the whole body, not just one injury at a time, and makes sure everything is in alignment. Alfred’s depth of knowledge of kinesiology is unparalleled. He always starts and ends with unique hands-on stretches to assure an injury free workout. He is an incredible motivator, knows when and how hard to push me, and continues to change things up to keep things fresh and challenging, using many different techniques to condition and gain strength and flexibility. I never thought at 55 years old I would be doing what I do or look the way I do and I owe it all to Alfred. If you have an injury and want to avoid surgery and get back into a healthy fitness routine, I highly recommend trying to make an appointment with Alfred Medina at the Sports and Lifestyle Clinic.

Alfred was the only specialist willing and able to treat and find the source of my pain.
— Marie C.

I’ve been seeing Alfred since December 2015 for heel pain and a pain on the right side of my back. I have had the back pain for over 3 years. First, I saw a physical therapist I knew and the swelling in my back subsided but the pain was still there. I was discharged and told I was ‘special’. A surgeon told me it was arthritis, so I saw a rheumatologist who told me it wasn’t arthritis. He said there was nothing in that part of the body to cause pain but suggested I try physical therapy again. The second physical therapist administered ultrasound and massage for 2 months with no improvement. Then, a chiropractor told me the scoliosis in my spine was causing the pain. While getting chiropractic adjustments, the chiropractor suggested I try a physical therapist in his building. That physical therapist looked at the scoliosis in my spine, did some manual therapy and gave me exercises but these had little effect.

Alfred started out treating the pain in my heel which caused me to limp when I wore flats. The therapy reduced the pain greatly and was further improved after I started taking his supplement. Next, he started to work on my neck/shoulders/backs/legs applying manual therapy for the full hour or hour and a half of each visit. My neck and back have remained loose and with this he continued to try to find the source of my back pain. In March Alfred traced along the ribs on the right side of my body to the area below my underarm and was able to pinpoint scar tissue between the ribs. This was the source of my back pain! Alfred continues to work on the scar tissue and it has flattened with the second treatment. The pain in my back is improving and I finally feel hopeful that my back pain will be eliminated. I am happy that Alfred has found the source of my pain after having lived with it for so long. Alfred was the only specialist willing to find and now treat the source of that pain. I wish I had known about his practice 3 years ago! Alfred, thank you so much!! 

I’ve lost over 20 pounds and plan to lose more and at least 2 dress sizes and I feel and look great!

— Martha M.

I first met Alfred Medina in 2011. I could barely walk. I had had another flare-up of an old L-5, S-1 herniation. Having gone the route of anesthetic spinal injections before, I decided to try a new approach. Alfred used Active Release Therapy and soft tissue manipulation to relieve my "concrete back" syndrome once and for all.  I have not had a flare-up since April 2011.

Then I started to work out with Alfred. I wanted to lose weight and look and feel better. Though I was firming up, I wasn't losing weight. Alfred helped me see that all that hard work we were doing in the studio was cancelled out by my eating habits. I've lost 20 lbs and hope to lose more. I've lost at least 2 dress sizes and feel and look great! Recently, I've developed some tendonitis in my left elbow. Consistently taking SLC Optimum Health supplements daily for the last 2 weeks has greatly reduced the pain.

Thanks, Alfred! I couldn't have done it without you!