how it works

• Clears up edema (excess water) in the areas of inflammation

• Breaks down proteins in the blood that cause inflammation by facilitating their normal removal via the blood stream and lymphatic system

• Prevents the formation of excessive scar tissue

• Counteracts chronic recurrent subacute inflammation, a primary cause of chronic degenerating joint diseases

• Removes fibrin, the clotting material that prolongs inflammation


the healing process

After an injury, a sequence of events is set in motion at the cellular and biomechanical level that results in resolution. In general, the healing response can be divided into 3 phases: inflammation, repair, and remodeling or regeneration. In each of these phases SLC Optimum Health can help to heal the body quickly and naturally.


Immediately after injury, acute vasoconstriction can last for a few minutes until a number of chemical mediators exert their effects. One such chemical mediator is called bradykinin. This hormone dilates blood vessels and increases capillary permeability allowing for the transport of additional healing agents. Meanwhile, white blood cells (leukocytes) initiate movement of additional white blood cells to the injured area to start getting rid of damaged and dying tissue and prevent infection. This increased presence of white blood cells causes the release of massive amounts of proinflammatory mediators and leads to the expression of the clinical signs of inflammation, which induces edema. The SLC Optimum Health supplement allows the body to enter the repair and remodeling phases of soft tissue injuries more quickly.


The second phase of healing soft tissue injuries is the repair phase. The repair phase is characterized by cell growth and production of extracellular matrix (collagen and protoglycins). During this phase, SLC Optimum Health helps by reducing scarring or sclerosis.


The third phase is known as Remodeling, or Maturation, which occurs about 14 days after injury as collagen activity approaches normal turnover. SLC Optimum Health enables the body to enter the remodeling phase more quickly.


Special Urgent Health Notice Communication

Corticosteroid type medications, or corticosteroids, are the most powerful anti-inflammatory drugs and may offer complete pain relief and relieve almost all swelling. Physicians attempt to eliminate their side effects by giving low doses and using injections at the site of the inflammation. However, these drugs should be used only as the last resort due to their strong long-term complications, which include frequent infections, weight gain, thinning bones (osteoporosis) and fractures, glaucoma, high blood pressure, and stomach irritation and bleeding.

It’s important to note that SLC Optimum Health can help people avoid the need for chronic corticosteroid use. Believe it or not, that is not all they do. They will inhibit the repair and regenerative phase process your joints and other soft tissues need in order to enhance their healing process. With SLC Optimum Health, not only will pain be relieved but it will assist in repairing and regenerating soft tissue and cartilage stabilization. SLC Optimum Health promotes the repair and regenerative phase process with joint and soft tissue needs and will enhance their healing process because there is no toxicity. As a result, patients can self medicate without the fear of long-term complications, while obtaining both pain relief and enhancing healing.


About 95% of physical injuries are due to minor trauma involving soft tissue injuries, strains, muscle pulls, sprains, contusions, bruises and cuts or abrasions. Patients are often able to take care of themselves. SLC Optimum Health provides a safe and effective therapy with few adverse effects and can be your best healing friend when it comes to soft tissue injuries.

SLC Optimum HEALTH formula contains ingredients that help normalize damaged vessels and encourage the transportation of the body’s own defensive substances required for natural healing effects to affected site.


NSAIDS offer quick pain relief, but they do not address the underlying condition and even hasten the degeneration of soft tissues. Use NSAIDS if necessary for quick pain relief. Try to avoid their use beyond 2 or 3 days. After that, try SLC Optimum Health in two divided doses of two (2) capsules a day, for five (5) days, then follow with two (2) capsules a day.

If you are a long term user of NSAIDS or other medications, work with your doctor or healthcare professional to gradually taper their dosage, while simultaneously transitioning to SLC Optimum Health .


Most soft tissue injuries, no matter how serious, involve redness, inflammation, swelling, and pain and require both immediate and long-term treatment. SLC Optimum Health is a100% natural blend of treatment that directly treats all phases of soft tissue injuries without complications associated with the NSAIDS class of drugs that are typically prescribed.