Dear Health and Wellness Consumer,

I am very excited to share with you my personal, first hand experience of how I have achieved optimum health.

A life altering injury left me unable to participate in my sport and daily living activities. Through rehab, a fitness and herbal regimen, sheer determination, and my closely held belief in NOT putting anything toxic or artificial into my body, I was able to make a complete recovery!

After years of research and investigation I have devoted my career to healing through muscle manipulation and have even developed my own 100% natural supplement designed to rebuild cartilage, lubricate joints, improve bone and joint function, along with increasing flexibility and mobility.

I start my day off by taking a dose of SLC Optimum Health, followed by an intense, hardcore workout regimen and then treat patients at the clinic for a full 12 hours and I am pain free- with more energy than prior to my injury! 

If you desire to return to your favorite sport, play with your children, do daily laps in the pool, compete in a triathlon, or just be able to move free of pain and stiffness, I urge you to explore what soft tissue manipulation could to for you.

Our SLC patients are enjoying excellent results and you can too by starting TODAY and adopting a healthier lifestyle.


To your optimum health and an enhanced quality of life,

Alfred Medina